Following the Light

Dear Diary,
On Friday night I went to the local baptist church to see the African Children’s Choir. They were delightful and so was the church. It is in a magnificent stone building filled with stain glass windows. In the early evening the light was gracing the church and casting slight shadows then piercing them with light. It was a beautiful as the choir itself just to sit there and watch the light dance around the building.

I am hard at work and hopefully getting ready to begin working on a completely new project that I will share more about over the spring on this blog. We just finished our new catalog and it is hot off the press. I am curious as to your response to it.

Lots of fun this week as we prepared for a big fundraiser at the local curling club. One brave member, a well loved one, Carl Leblanc has agreed to let us roast him. It will be fun as he has some good stories to come back at anyone who roasts him. It will be fun. I was onthe decorating committee, and with no budget we managed to get it to look like a party.

Yesterday we had the years first bite of lobster caught along the straight. We came home from the shore with a fresh coldpack and made a lobster sandwich for supper. It is our season here so there is no better time.




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