Catherine Bussiere: Roots

outside first thing this morning
before the heat
it is here today
t-shirt, bare feet
digging in the garden
prepping the earth for the chosen green

dandelions are out
and this pretty pink flower that I transplanted years ago from a neighbors field
what was I thinking?
that it was so pretty
that it belonged in my garden

it sure does

now I dig it out
as it loves this garden so much

catnip, mint, dandelion, that pretty pink flower
(I don’t know the name)
all grow so well

every spring I swim against the tide
dig, dig, dig
I have to learn to swim with it

dandelion salad here I come










3 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: Roots

  1. Oh, Catherine I’ve done the same thing–transplanting lovely wild things to my domestic gardens –only to rue the day later as I’m trying to root out what then become invaders—-Currently it’s “Poke Weed” that I’ve discovered doesn’t belong. But those poke weeds do have the most glorious grapelike clusters that hang down so beguilingly in August…. Yes and each one of those “grapes” has a seed guaranteed to germinate! Carry on. Pat Probst


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