Welcome Megan

Dear Diary, in the quiet months of winter a woman in a red wool coat would appear in my studio occassionally. In retrospect, she was a bit of a vision. When you live in a small place you do not see many new faces in January. My interest was piqued. It turns out she just moved near by.

In february we decided to start our weekly hook in and Megan the woman in the red coat started coming. In her Thursday visits she was was working on her second rug, and she would sit quietly away hooking. Sometimes you just get a good feeling from some one.

We were not really planning on hiring anyone but it just felt like Megan landed here, and kinda belonged with us. She ran a knitting store in Toronto for years and had just moved here and wanted some part time work.

I have been thinking about knitting supplies here. We have added some felting supplies. I have also been wanting to see young women hook and Megan is young and fresh, not like a loaf of bread, more like a sea air…we have all enjoyed her company as well as her knowledge.

As soon as she came she started dying wool, jumping in to help customers, and she knows her stuff. When I ask her what she thinks , she tells you and she has good ideas. She just feels like she belongs here. She makes us a little better for being here.

Welcome Megan….







5 thoughts on “Welcome Megan

  1. Welcome Megan! My friend Verlyn (AKA “The Knitter”)knew you and your Toronto shop. It’s a small world!


  2. Megan is my friend, coworker for many years, spiritual sister. Not only did she own a yarn store in Toronto, but it was THE yarn store in Toronto for many years. Still is. Her warm helpful manner has made many knitters, crocheters and crafters. Her shop was an amazing hub for the knitting community, and weekly knit nights attracted some of the most talented knitters in Canada. She made the knitting community strong in a quiet one stitch at a time pace.
    Then she left. It’s O.K. We here back in the city are all very happy she and her family are happy.
    You have a gem amongst you. I miss her, It sounds like this is the right place for our Megan. I know that simle she is wearing now. Also, this kid from the city will check you guys soon enough. Like I say, I miss Megan.
    Your new friend Dennyoxoxox


  3. Nice to see young women interested in rug hooking and knitting. I am sure she will be a wonderful addition to your already fantastic group of ladies. Beautiful colours! Can’t wait to see what you have added to the store…


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