We had a cancellation….Two spots left in next week’s Landscape Workshop

Dear Diary, I have been working downtown at the studio lots this week planning and writing for next week’s landscape workshop. We had two cancellations so if you want to come call us at 1 800 328 7756. As I lean over my computer examining hundreds of images of landscapes I made , I really began considering how I made them. Looking closely at each area of the mat and remembering, how I did what I did. That is the thing about doing, you are not always thinking about what you are doing, or how you are doing it. You are mostly just doing it on a sort of auto pilot so you really need to step back from it to figure out what it is you do.  So when I look up from my desk, I see this birdhouse and rock, this gads been my view too much this week. I need to get out from behind the desk!

One of the fun things we did this week in the studio was the chalk board on our counter. Brenda and Meaghan ,hung this mac tac chalk board and then I wrote on it with some special chalkboard markers that I had   purchased. It looks really pretty. I had wanted to be part of the hanging but Brenda said it was a tricky job and drove me out of the room. Anyone who knows me will understand that I would have had the mac tac stuck to me, to itself, and all kinds of places where it should not have been stuck. Brenda drove me away and enlisted Meaghan, who has just started working with us.

We also changed around our back studio room so it looks more like a cozy living room now than a teaching space. I bought some new comfortable chairs for workshop participants.

Come if you can, we’ll have a nice week next week.


IMG_5805 IMG_5807

2 thoughts on “We had a cancellation….Two spots left in next week’s Landscape Workshop

  1. Oh if only I could come next week. Maybe one day we will enjoy time together in person. Love the chalkboard 🙂


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