Laura and Nan Meet in Wales

Wonderwool Wales

During Deanne’s most recent online course (“Hooking People in Your Rugs”), one of the participants mentioned that she was planning to attend Wonderwool Wales* on the April 27-28 weekend.  As I live in the UK, and Wales isn’t too far away, I contacted Laura and asked if she would like to meet up.  We agreed on a day and time, exchanged photos of rugs we had been working on, and a few personal details.  To my surprise, like me, she was from Nova Scotia as well!  My husband and I made a weekend of it and did some touring around Wales, but the highlight was meeting Laura and hearing about what she was doing in Anglesey.  What a great gabfest we had when we met!

Laura only managed to find one rug hooker in the exhibition, and the photo of us (me on the right, and Laura on the left) shows us in front of the stall.  (If you look closely, you will see a young ‘lady in red’ hooking on a hoop in the corner of the stall.)  Like me, Laura has taken all three of Deanne’s online courses and those who took some or all of the online courses will likely remember Laura mentioning a bit about life and weather in Anglesey.   Laura had just purchased a unique purple/mauve felted cap at one of the stalls, with a pixie-like peak that she says makes her look like an acorn.  And, for those of you who plan to be there, Laura will bring it with her to Deanne’s October workshop, so you’re in for a treat!!  Laura says this is going to be her rug hooking and writing cap, as it is too late for a thinking cap!

I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend in Wales, meeting a kindred spirit via Deanne’s global rug hooking tentacles!

*Wonderwool Wales is the premier Wool & Natural Fibre Festival in Wales, set up in 2006 in order to promote wool and natural fibre production and its use in Wales.  It is a fascinating exhibition of craft products with a focus on wools and fibres from numerous animals (including a dog hair cape!).

-Nan Millette   (April 30, 2013)

Laura and Nan Wales


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  1. It is a small world isn’t it? I love that you connected through the internet and met-up at such a wonderful venue. The world is full of kindred spirits, we just have to find them!


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