Catherine Bussiere: Sunny Sunday

it’s a gorgeous morning
the one we’ve all been waiting for around here
sunny, no clouds, it will be warm

this was a pancake morning
my husband makes the best
I’ll tell you what he does
he puts way more eggs then the recipe calls for
separate the whites from the yolks
beats the whites until light and fluffy
than gently adds it to the pancake mixture
(egg yolk, flour, milk, melted butter, vanilla – no baking soda or powder)

it’s like eating a cloud filled with maple syrup
slightly decadent


I really can’t sit here too long
so much to do
if only sit in the sun
and be thankful

I’ll most likely get my hand dirty
have a good Sunday
















4 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: Sunny Sunday

  1. Those pancakes look so delicious is that a dollop of cream on top, as well as all the other yummy stuff?


  2. Wow, Catherine,
    You are like a breath of fresh air this morning. Overcast here, but not so bad. Pancake breakfast looks delicious. Pictures, as always, beautiful. Really looking forward to some sunshine here in St. John’s …… any sunshine at all , will make us happy.


  3. Love your pictures! Your kitty looks like she is on a boat, floating down the river, waiting for the adventure to begin!…my adventure might include some pancakes…they look amazing!! 🙂


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