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Dear Diary, Over the past six months myself and Frank Allen have been working on a radio show called At the Kitchen Table on CFTA. Each week we interview someone in the community who are involved in their community. It could be about anything. Some weeks as I go off to the radio station to the radio station when I am busy I wonder to myself, “Should you be doing this.?” Then after the interview I think, “you have to do this”. Last week when I interviewed Daren White about the Relay for Life and his attitude towards life I had a lump in my throat the whole time. It was just so moving. The week before we interviewed Davey Goode who runs Greasy Groove Guitar Parts and it was also inspiring. I leave these interviews and think my community is filled with amazing people doing interesting things. If you want to listen to some of these they are all archived on the CFTA site.



4 thoughts on “Cfta Community Radio

  1. Don’t you just love to interview?! I do, too! It scratches my curiosity itch, allows me to be as nosy as I want, often gets profound and moving responses, affirms my faith and awe in people, and shines a light on their amazingness. I’ll bet you’re an excellent interviewer cause you’re just so curious. Interviews let you rave about people.


  2. Just finished listening to your interview with Don Miller “Around the Kitchen Table”. He is a great guy, enjoyed him at last years workshop during Fibre Arts Festival. Also the tour of his lovely home. His bird houses are the most beautiful and unbelievable I have ever seen.I am sure you interview some worthy members of your community. I know all about the Relay for Life,a very emotional night. I put two teams in for many years after my son was diagnosed with cancer 10 yers ago.Keep up the good work, you find more ways to fill your day besides Rug Hooking. Shirley


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