Dear Diary, I should have accepted the truth years ago. After all their was a history in my family. I remember my sisters killing their selves laughing as they mocked my mother answering the phone. “Hulllllloooooo”, she used to say. Then there was my father who would be yelling at one of them, but when the phone rang would put on the most composed voice and answer the phone very sweetly. Neither of them were quite themselves on the phone.

It was my daughter who first noticed. After I would get off the phone from taking an order with a customer she would sometimes say, “Are you mad at them?” . I’d say, “Of course not. They were lovely.” She would say, “Oh you sounded like you were mad at them.” I’d shake my head in bewilderment. Then I would think “She is only ten, she misinterpreted .” Oh remember the famous Margaret Lawrence quote, “You’re Young , you know things now you won’t know when you are older.”

Then my son started saying I was rude on the phone. I thought it was him.

Then sometimes a customer would call and say, “Is this a bad time?” when it was a perfectly good time.

It is my tone of voice. My big flavourful accent perhaps. It might be that I am always slightly distracted. It is my nature. The one thing I can tell you is that it isn’t the person on the other end of the line. It is me. I have a kinda cranky phone voice.

My email manners are not much better. I misspell. I hurry. I am brief. My sister in law can write me a letter and I can manage to answer in three words or less. She mocks me for it. It has nothing to do with her.

I chat on the phone sometimes and can be pleasant, don’t get me wrong. I can also write a good email but the thruth is I am ussually whizzing through these things.

If you have been the recipient of my whizzing, know it is me and not you.

You’re lovely for calling, for wanting to support my business, for ordering. Thank you.

I am working on better phone manners. At least I am taking it into consideration.

I think there will be typos in my emails for  a while yet. But if it is unreadable please write back for clarification.

I appreciate your support, and that you support my work.

Honestly, I do, even if you have called and I had my cranky phone voice on.

Forgive me. I am a bit contrary by times. The one thing I can promise it was me…not you!



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  1. Your blog made me smile. Some speak quickly and briefly, others create details and emotional descriptions, and yet there are others who have the gift of eloquent gab. You my dear have many gifts and are perfectly made as God intended! It amazes me how differently we as individuals are perceived by different people, different personalites.

    All my best,

    Papillion | NE


  2. Deanne, this really made me laugh. I do remember the first time I rang you to order the sunflower kit. I had never hooked anything in my life and I had to decide on burlap or linen and did not have a clue. I thought at the time you were thinking, “Great, another dumb woman who doesn’t know what she is ordering!”
    But if you were curt on the phone I did not remember it until just now when I read your blog. When the beautiful kit arrived and I fell in love with the whole process that memory was lost. It certainly did not prevent me from ordering again!!!LOL
    Keep doing what you are doing. It is great.


  3. Deanne,you make me laugh! I call it Maritime candor. My mother in law has it in spades and I love her for it! Just be yourself…


  4. No matter what, I am just soooo impressed that you actually answer your own phone and reply to emails yourself – you could have “people” who did that for you. And I never thought you were short – just matter of fact. But it sure was fun reading this.


  5. You are a funny girl ,you are very relatable, see now I’m not going to worry about typos ,yesterday I was reading your Inspired Rug Hooking book ,that honestly soothed me, felt like I was talking with a friend who understands my inner workings . You too are among friends who know your the real thing . Thanks.


  6. I was one of the ones who made fun of Mom. It more like like nn’yellow. Georgina does it to me when I call her. She always answers just like Mom used to and and I always respond with “purrrple” in Mom’s tone of voice, of course. Funny how others see us. Mom probably had a few choice words she could have said about us, too, but God Bless her, she knew what was important and kept them to herself. Take care, Deanne. You, too, Sally.


  7. Hi Deanne, Only sounds like every day madness. Not enough hours
    In our days, we must learn to slow down a bit.


  8. hullllooo!!! I love your emails…they focus on what’s important…the words, not the spelling!
    You and Lorna were EVER so helpful (and PATIENT) when I begged for help getting my photos posted…
    No worries…I’d love to hear the “hullllooo!” someday…


  9. Oh, I have to laugh! When I was growing up my mom would get so silly on the phone and believe me she was a force to be reckoned with at home. Not so fun at all! We all tiptoed around her and walked on eggshells! My dad would roll his eyes and my sister and I would smirk knowing that the persona she projected on the telephone was all phoniness! Actually it was kind of fun to listen to “my other mother” on the phone. Now that she is 84 and suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, the “silly, happy personality is ON most of the time. Although it is so sad to see her struggle for language and most of what she utters is total nonsense–“word salad” my sister calls it, that outrageous laugh and cackle remain–sometimes my sister and I just laugh with her at who knows what she is trying to say.

    Now the crankiness to which you refer is what we Southerners would call “Yankee” abruptness. Southerners pride themselves on graciousness, but I have to tell you that sometimes it is a veneer–but usually genuine. I’ve been going to church with Yankee transplants for many years now since there aren’t too many Mo.Synod Lutherans in the South. It’s taken me awhile to get used to the abruptness and candor–sometimes I appreciate it–sometimes not.


  10. You took my order one time and I did think you were mad or in a hurry but I didn’t think much on it- figured you “had your cranky pants on”. lol


  11. Hi Deanne,

    I can remember your mom answering the phone and we use to make fun because it sounded like she was saying “yellow”. Good memories


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