Peppermint Tea on the Couch

Dear Diary, Tonight Lorna, Robert and I did a little clean up along our road down to the pond. Well, I collected five bags, Robert had two and I have not talked to Lorna yet. It was mostly fast food wrappers but there were a few oddities. It is Earth Day but truth is we have been meaning to fo it for weeks. I collected a few bags and then would drop them off at my neighbors for them to put out on garbage day. By the time I got the fifth bag done all I could think of was getting home and having a bath. I had not been in and out of the ditch so many times since I was seven and making mud pies.

Once I was cleaned up I sat to hook for a while. I am working on a modern geometric design.

It has been a nice day. I spent an hour with a friend over decaf lattes chatting about her new cottage. Then I spent four hours working on a new downloadable lesson that I am planning. Yahoo! It is exciting. Now tonight after the road clean up, the Deanne clean up I am on the couch with peppermint tea and thinking about House Hunters, my go to show when I want to relax. I love looking at houses. You might be able to that from looking at my work. So it is a Monday night Wind down for me.

So nice to be home and cozy with a mat on the frame.


6 thoughts on “Peppermint Tea on the Couch

  1. Deanne – House Hunters is my go-to show as well. Love being a “peeping tom”, looking at all those houses. My six-year-old loves it too, watches it with me.


  2. You have an unending amount of energy Deanne. A well deserved cuppa mint tea, your feet up, must have felt sooo good after a hard day picking up other folks garbage. Why do people throw that stuff on the road, caring nothing of the beautiful countryside? Good for Lorna and Robert too for Pickin up other peoples crap. You are such a great gal.


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