Right Here in Amherst

Dear Diary, i have been keeping my eyes open for rug hooking signs and just last weeknon my walk I went up Lawrence Street and there was Avis Chapman’s Gallery of Hooked Rugs. I took a snap for you to see. Avis runs the gallery from her home and welcomes visitors .
My little town here in Nova Scotia is quite the place you know. For a few months Frank Allen and I have been hosting a radio program called at the Kitchen Table. Each week we interview people in the community who are passionate about something. You can listen to the archives on the Cfta webdite. All our shows are on there. Today we interviewed Davey Goode who moved here to Amherst a few years ago and relocated his guitar parts business to the Old Amherst Piano Factory. He also started the Maritime Rockabilly Shakedown , Amherst’s own Rockabilly Festival that will happen again this September. Frank and I enjoyed the interview so much we were interupting each other to ask questions.

The show has helped me see my community as bigger than just Amherst but that it includes Sackville, and our surrounding counties. The place is full of people doing something they love. It seems that more and more people are coming here and finding that it is a place that lets you do that. Avis moved back here and started her gallery after years of being away. It seems that weekly meet people who have moved to the area simply because it is a good place to live, and it is.

Davey said today that as soon as he mentioned starting a Rockabilly Festival individuals in the community got right behind him, as well as the town itself. It is nice to hear that people can move here with new ideas and get others excited about them.

Tonight I just left the curling club and as a new member I ssid that it needed a redecorating. Everyone agreed and came out to help paint and clean. We had about ten volunteers tonight and we were all happy to see the changes. It is a good community here because it is one where people gather, and support each other. I think I would move here too!


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  1. Ruth,Jane and I did go in.when we were cruising around. I believe Jane bought something.I will ask her, perhaps she will send you a picture of the item.


  2. I drove by that sign several times when I lived in nearby Parrsboro and regret not stopping! Too far away now.
    I enjoy these posts about local people and places.


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