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Dear Diary, It was over twenty years since I had been to Peggy’s Cove yet walking along those rocks last week felt very familiar. When I was a child I went to the beach to walk on the rocks regularly. The roar of the ocean was my radio. I love that crashing sound. Last Friday I got back to Peggy’s Cove for an hour to walk and to listen to the roar of the water against the rocks.

It is really something that it takes so long to go back to some place so close. It is only two hours from my place. I also found the White Sails Delivalong the way with Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwiches and Sugar pie. I had not had either in twenty years. This weekend I went to the deli twice as it was so good. If you get a chance visit Peggy’s Cove and drop in to the White Sail Deli on the way home.

It was comfort all the way. Walking the rocks, listening to the waves, and sugar pie. I must remember not to wait twenty years to do it again. So often you can discover such nice day trips close to home. I could get up any morning and make that trip and the pie would always be tasty. I must remember that.




8 thoughts on “Close to home

  1. Beautiful place! Visited there for too short a time in October as a day trip from the cruise my husband and friends and I were on. We want to go back to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick for a more leisurely visit some day soon. Am enjoying the second (for me) of your books.


  2. Oh, they’ve copied your houses…slightly less “wonky”, but there they are! And the lighthouse…ohhh…here comes a mat with a little Deanne on the rocks in front of the light…perfect composition…and I must do a whole piece with just houses…lots of houses…wonky and otherwise…full of COLOR…!
    The inspiration continues……….Carol


  3. Just proves you can still go back to a place you love as if it were yesterday.I have a water coloured picture of Pegg’s Cove in my kitchen. Painted by one of our rug hookers, who is quite well known around this area for her paintings. I never get tired of looking at it as I eat my breakfast.Never tried Sugar Pie though!


  4. You look so warm in that photo!! Winds are always bracing at Peggy’s Cove. Builds up an appetite for the White Sails Deli or for awesome ginger cake with lemon sauce, ice cream or whipped cream at the Sou’wester Restaurant!


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