Catherine Bussiere: April 14th

another grey / white / brown week end
the birds this morning aren’t impressed
they go about their business with no great chorus

I dreamed last night I was pregnant
my pregnancy days being over I wondered
I often don’t remember my dreams
but for once I want to look into it’s meaning
I search
Dream interpretation: being pregnant
The first thing I read is: “At its core, this dream is about creativity”
I like this answer
I actually love it
I stop my search
I could find something I don’t like as much

This morning I decided to play with a setting on my camera
It’s an in camera double exposure feature
I want to show my longing for spring
as in warmth, thawing earth and color
it takes a few shots to figure out the settings
then I play for a while

It doesn’t take too long, I want to be outside
it’s pretty after all
I should say beautiful
I’d say beautiful in November
In April I say pretty

I drop the double exposure and walk around the orchard and the pond

this overcast morning has a hint of melancholy

maybe it’s just me











10 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: April 14th

  1. Continue d’écrire. C’est un plaisir de te lire.
    On dit en français “accoucher de…” Il s’agit bien de créativité.
    Les rêves nous parlent. Il faut savoir les écouter.



  2. Your photography is superb.So peaceful, soothing. I especially like the one with the touch of yellow, your house no doubt. There is warmth within. Beautifully done.


  3. Stunning photos – but not what anyone wants to see in April! You want to see those lovely tender green shoots with the promise of colourful spring flowers, buds on trees, and dare you hope – green grass! Thanks Catherine!


  4. there is beauty everywhere if only we will see. Thanks for helping us see it Catherine. Each photo is a work of art, a collaboration between Creator and created.


  5. Wow! Great discovery on your camera! Beautiful, not pretty. Should be painted or maybe hooked. Definitely filled the need to create beauty every day. Not sure what I will do, but definitely something,if only the thought.


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