Two Minute Studio Tour


As promised here is a tour of the new wools in the studio. If you want you can call us to order anything you want at 1 800 328 7756 as we have not got all of this on the website yet.

7 thoughts on “Two Minute Studio Tour

  1. the frames/kits…excellent idea! something to gift a new hooker with, for sure…or to tempt someone who’s never hooked before…just hook the piece, and frame it with ease…wonderful.
    thanks for the tour…imagine…a $5 bin…I could sure use a few for my people! Carol


  2. I totally agree.with Lisa and Susan. I think the $5.00 bin and the new frames are the greatest. Wish you could take your shop “on tour” to Newfoundland. Loved the Two Minute Studio Tour. Thank-you and have a nice day!


  3. I loved the tour,I haven’t been able to get in lately but I sure am chomping at the bit to get there ASAP. My favorite thing is the $5.00 bin, great to expand your stash.great job girls!!!!!!


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