Catherine Bussiere: April 7th


it’s sunny, no clouds

I go outside with my camera
Several birds came back this past week
Robins, all over the yard chirping away
My cats are like ducklings in water
just so excited by all the movement and life outside

I go to the greenhouse and see that the mache is doing well
Mache is a type of lettuce, tender and surprisingly hardy
It’s been there all winter
I walk around looking at my yard, the garden, the pond
Everything still, slowly waking from a long winter
The ground still frozen is like a cold house
where nobody wants to get out of bed
A few are poking their nose out
the rhubarb, the chive, the narcissus
They are in no hurry

Back in the house I contemplate our seedlings
my husband did the veggies
I did the flowers
The nasturtium pose for me
so pretty

I must leave you now
The outdoors are calling
I have that spring urge to rake, chop, prune, just be out there
time to wake up









4 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: April 7th

  1. I , too, enjoy hearing the return of our beautiful feathered friends with their gorgeous chorus as you described so well, Catherine. I do love your photographs! Thank-you for sharing.


  2. oh yes, nothing like spring after a long winter, I wish I could join an audio piece with this. winter would be months of silence and wind and then spring is this gorgeous chorus of birds, just wonderful!


  3. Your photography is breathtaking. Thank you so much for helping me understand the reality of spring after a frozen winter-something that I have never experienced even in Melbourne where it can get as low as -5 celsius. 🙂


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