Cabbages on the Coast

Dear Diary, Cabbages on the coast is done and I have posted it on the facebook page and here today. The rug is 34 by 52 and is $2400 .Today was hang the rugs day in the studio. I hung three rugs for saleand moved some around. I have to say it is my least favorite job to do but I appreciate it once it is done. It makes the place look so good to have them all fresh. Lorna has started typing up our price cards for each rug and it makes them look so tidy and nice.

We also had a big shipment of fleece artist arrive that I priced and shelved. We want to spend the day tomorrow reorganizing the wool in the studio and getting things pretty. We have yards and skeins of new inventory. I have never ever had so much so be sure you come visit soon. There is an amazing selection.

So I am looking forward to getting in there tomorrow morning and making things pretty, finding new wsys to display and getting creative. We have had two cancellationsvin our May landscape so call if you want to come.


8 thoughts on “Cabbages on the Coast

  1. Absolutely beautiful ~ breathtaking!! I can’t believe how fast you finished it ~ seems like last week that I saw the cabbages coming to life!! It will be a lucky soul who becomes the new owner!!


  2. So great to see it finished and those cabbages!! You have captured them for sure. Thank you for sharing. I pray I will get to your area one day and meet all of you at the shop. Be blessed.


  3. I love your cabbages…and everything else…I would LOVE to visit the studio and drown in all the beautiful colors of wool…maybe one day…in the meantime, I eagerly await a photo or two or more…Carol


  4. I love love love those cabbages. I may need to get the pattern when I come to Amherst this month!! Yippee!


  5. I’m so happy to see your finished Cabbages on the Coast. It’s truly lovely, Deanne. I had been wondering how it turned out and now it’s here!!! I think your deep blue ocean with so much movement looks like it resembles our waters here in Newfoundland that frequently experience the high winds and choppy waves.


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