colour for grey March

Dear Diary, We have been thinking of an Abstract greys challenge at the studio. Brenda is working on one right now. We have even played with the “Fifty Shades of Grey” idea as a get started thing for it but that is not quite worked out. I never really got those books, having not made it through the first in the series but the title is catchy. At our Thursday group a few weeks ago, Meaghan who comes , said, “Friends don’t let friends knit greys in February.” I knew exactly what she meant. Around here we would have to extend it to March. Of course there is no stopping Brenda. She is at home working on the greys. I am saving it for awhile.

Right now I am still hot on colour. We just got these painted frames in the studio and I am hooking some mats to put in there.  I am interested in pattern though and noticed tat many of the new designs in my new pattern book are patterns rather than images. I think patterns can be very modern and contemporary so I like that idea, bring rug hooking into this millennium with less traditional designs. We will see your response to them. I cannot wait to hook some of them. Patterns are a challenge to hook because of the repeats. Though I have learned you do not have to repeat colour.

So here is some colour for grey March…..

I had mentioned a Kaffe Fassett book that I read lately. Here is a little video that Susan Elcox of New World Rug Hooking tweeted about and I enjoyed. It just gives you a glimpse into his studio life. There are also some colourful pictures below to help  lighten up a March day. I know some of you have tulips coming up but here in Nova Scotia the only cherry blossoms are on the candy store shelves



IMG_0653 IMG_3103 IMG_3710 IMG_4382Dear

7 thoughts on “colour for grey March

  1. Hi Deanne,
    Love these colours … a bright spot in a grey day … still cold and snow flurries here in Ontario with sun breaking through for very brief moments !
    Just read your interview on the Needle and Thread Network … great to find you … appreciate your simplicity and honesty.


  2. I’m with you Deanne on the Fifty shades of Grey- I bought the series and stopped reading part way through the first book. I just felt kind of like I was polluting my mind or something. I also bought Kaffees’ Dreaming in Color book and have enjoyed that much more! I’m looking forward to doing some garden scene rugs- I’m thinking cabbages, flowers, bright lights swiss chard, garlic….


  3. Kaffee is just the best for color and peace. Kristin Nichols is another blog for seeing color used in the home! Wow, that girl lives in color! Thanks for this. Everyone has their opinions. I love grey, too. Know how you feel about it winter, though, Meaghan. We live on the Gulf Coast of Florida. It’s cold here today!! 😉


  4. No grays yet, please…come out with color! I may hook two wonky houses in exactly those colors above…they make me very happy…Carol


  5. Brilliant blog. Kaffe is my man LOL.If you want to see colour go get his coffee table sized books from your local library.You bring up pattern, funny you should do that. I am now in the mood to do Crewel designs after seeing glorious cushions in a store window.Knock out colours with a black back ground. No soft shades as one imagines Crewel.My books on the subject are now scattered all over my computer come library room, just itching to get going on the old aged design.Bring on the colour baby!!


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