People are lovely

Dear Diary, People just amaze me. Today when I came to work there was a box on my desk from Indiana.
Pat Probst has come to my workshops for years. She even came to one when I was still teaching in my house. She is also a regular blog reader.

Today she sent a beautiful box especially wrapped for each staff member of the studio.
When I came in Norma said I have been waiting for you to come . She was excitedly waiting to open the gift.
The thing that I appreciated was that Pat knew how important the women who work with me are. They do so much for me and the studio, from looking after the orders, to keeping the studio beautiful. Each person has their own special set of skills and abilities. I am grateful for them, and to Pat for appreciating them and telling them.
So Pat you just amaze me. Thank you.







11 thoughts on “People are lovely

  1. Pat, thanks so much for the lovely Pysanky egg. I appreciate the time and talent that goes into such intricate work. It was a beautiful surprise!


  2. This makes me all teary! Such a sweet and special thing to do…so much work and love behind the gift! beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Yikes, I didn’t check into the blog until nearly 10 pm today and was startled to see a familiar box recently sent from my town. It looks to have arrived intact and that pleased me. It’s fun to send little gifts off to people I know aren’t expecting them. I really do look forward to reading the blog and learning about the happenings and people at the shop and appreciate everyone’s part in making this such a rich experience. Easter Blessings to all of you. It was fun for me to see one of my eggs featured too with its recipient! Thanks, Pat


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