Very first rug … Helen from Dorchester

Helen has just moved to Dorchester. A few weeks ago she came to our Thursday Fibre Arts Group and did some drop spinning. She spins and dyes her own yarns. Before she left she hooked a few stitches, and when she came back a few weeks later she had completed a hooked chairpad or pillow.

I was so pleased to see that she had done so well. Now she has yet another reason to spin.

Today’s group was very busy. We had abput fifteen people who came and went through out the day. One of the participants from the online class Wild with Wool even showed up. I love it that it is becoming a place to go on Thursdays. If you can do join us dome Thursday. Hook, knit, crochet, any woll craft will do!

I ussually sit quietly in the corrner and listen to the hum pf people working away, talking to each other. There is a resl little community being built here.

Today I took the time to worknon my new pattern catalog, Volume two of the studio catalog is in the works. Over 100 new patterns! Never seen before… Coming soon. Ha ha I sound like a flyer! But rest assured i am not


5 thoughts on “Very first rug … Helen from Dorchester

  1. What a welcome to the ‘hood! Rug hooking seems to cover all my sensory requirements – colour, texture, the ability to achieve visual pleasure with reasonable speed. Thanks all for your encouragement!


  2. I haven’t been hooking regularly with a group this past year. I think I may need to schedule every second Thursday off over the summer and call it my health prescription!


  3. Nice going Helen., I think you are hooked now.My group of hookers meet EVERY Wednesday afternoon. Yesterday each of us brought a craft other than hooking to show. One lady plays in a band,she brought an old fashioned guitar type of instrument,, she sang a shanty as she strummed , the rest of us joined in and had a merry old time. Afternoon tea etc is always served with home baked goodies. Lots of laughter and good conversation always takes place.


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