art and spirit with in

Dear Diary, Sometimes in the absence of colour you can count on form. In fact you can always count on good form.  The shape of things is one of your most important tools in art. If you give the elements of your rug the right shape, one that is interesting and makes a person feel, rather than one that is stiff and forgettable you will be off to a good start in your mats.

I love stone sculpture. I love how softness appears where there is only hardness.

I also love the human figure.

I love spirit. I love strength.

I love how these pictures show all of these things in the absence of colour.

Oh there is some colour.

Grey is a colour. Cream is a colour.

There is a lot of good art in icons. We can see it all over Southern New Brunswick in the church yards.

It reflects many things. I can see many things in these pictures , not just the intention, or what I believe the intention of the artist was.

They are full of spirit.

Art and Spirit, so closely tied together, outside of us and within us.

IMG_3851 IMG_3850 IMG_3853 IMG_3846 IMG_3843 IMG_3848

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  1. I hook rugs. I also work with clay. They are both my connection to the spiritual. To me art/creativity and spiritual are one. I so wish our culture would put more value on it. Love your entry today.


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