Catherine Bussiere: taking a picture

So since one of my job at the studio is to take pictures

I thought it may be nice to share a tip or two about taking pictures

here is one

This morning I looked around my living room for something to take a picture of

something random

nothing in particular

There’s this beautiful old door I was thinking of

but it will be for another time

So my eyes settled on this kettle my mom gave me

I wish I could tell you where it’s from

maybe somewhere in Northern Africa


The point is, it’s beautiful and I decided to make it the subject of this first photo tip

Here is the first picture I took of it

I placed myself in front of the wood stove, set my camera on automatic and made sure my flash was on


In my book, this picture isn’t a keeper


Well, for starters I’m not sure what it’s about

Is it about a wood stove, foil, a kettle…

What the automatic features on my camera decided to highlight with focus and flash is the foil

What the photographer (me) decided to frame is uncertain

First tip today, if at all possible get rid of automatic settings and most important, deselect the flash

– now flash is useful and necessary sometimes but that will be another blog –

Second, whatever it is you are taking a picture of make it the star

Here is my second picture

This time the flash is off, I framed it so I like what I see in my frame and I focused on the kettle


To me this one is a far better picture than the first

Now if you like you can play a little with the subject and see what it has to offer

For the two following pictures I came up close, stood on a bench and took close ups

See, that’s another thing, when you take a picture move around with the viewfinder in front of your eye

Look at your subject from different angles, you might be surprised at what you will see

If you can, play with focus

Pay attention to the light and see how it hits the subject







































The kettle is dusty

I left it like I found it

I like the snaky curves

I like it just like that

-maybe I should dust my house a little though… or should I?

Have fun taking pictures

Let me know if this is at all useful and if you have any question I will make it the topic of other blogs


8 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: taking a picture

  1. Always look forward to your posts. I would enjoy the photo tips too. Your photographs are always exquisite.


  2. Thank you Catherine.
    I’m so thankful for digital cameras. I stopped taking multiple, different shots of things I liked when we were still using film — it was getting too expensive. Now we can play and delete and save to our hearts content!
    Looking forward to your other ideas.


  3. Cynthia; here is a tip for you and everyone about your rug.

    Best thing is find a place in your house with natural even light and with no direct sunlight – do not turn any other lights on –
    Pin your rug (if possible) to the wall. Place yourself right in front of your rug, be at the same level as your rug. If your camera lens varies from a wide angle to zoom, set it kind of in the middle (as in don’t have it wide and don’t zoom in). Move in with the camera so your rug fills in the frame as much as possible. Turn your flash off. Click.
    If your image is a little blurry and you have a tripod use the tripod.

    Another option is to take a picture of your rug outside in the shade.
    Follow the same steps.
    Let me know if that works better.

    Next week I’ll show examples.


  4. Catherine, I enjoyed your little lesson on taking photos, especially as i was taking several photos of my rug to post for the class wild with Wool. thanks. I would enjoy reading other tips. I was taking mine at night, so no sunny window, I tried with my ott light,and no flash, without the ott and with flash and then settled for the photos I took in my foyer with all the lights on in the area with no flash. Still I don’t feel I did the rug justice. Cynthia


  5. Hi Catherine,
    Wow …. just taking a break from work ….. little did I expect a lesson on photography this beautiful, chilly day here in St. John’s , but how I love reading anything about how to improve the pictures I take! I look out the window and see beauty in the hills with snow laden trees or the melting snowmen on lawns , but Spring, Summer and Fall is when I want to get out there and snap to my hearts delight. I did take a few lessons on using my camera and all the features on it, but honestly, for me it’s a lot to remember when I see something I want to photograph immediately …. maybe it’s the impatient side of me showing. I really enjoyed today’s tips you have shared on Deanne’s site and I look forward to more. I love the way you showed the different stages of your picture taking of the kettle. Thank-you so much.


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