Macaroni and Cheese and my pantry

Dear Diary, Last night I went to a house concert of a band called the Fretless. The music was lovely, two violins, a viola and a cello all played by four people under thirty. House concerts are a thing now. Live musicians travel across the country plaing to small private groups in peoples homes. It is a lovely way to see a band.

Today we had the fibre arts group with about eight or ten people coming for all or part of it. It was nice to have eceryone coming and going. I framed prints today instead of hooking. I just find a job and go back there with them to visit. It is so nice. Actually it has become one of my favorite days in the studio.

I had to leave early today for a meeting with two dairy farmers. Why you ask? Well these dairy farmers have a purse project, they import purses from Kenya, get local people here to sell them and send every cent of the money from the purses back to the women in Kenya who make them. We sell the purses in the studio. They are $50 , $40 goes to Kenya, $10 to the local food bank. I’ll do a blog post on them soon.

After that I had a fibre arts meeting and then I came home and enjoyed my house for a few hours. I had an afternoon nap for just half an hour because I was awake far too early. It was nice just to come home, get the fire going and read a lazy novel.

One of the things I love about my house is that it has an old fashioned pantry thst is actually a separate room. As lovely as an old house is, they can bug you but my pantry has always had my respect. It is such a homey thing.

Today as I went in  the pantry to grab an onion for my mac and cheese I caught my jars so nicely as you can see here. So it has been a nice day around here. Cozy and peaceful after a very early morning.

Macaroni and Cheese
Cook 4 cups of macaroni
Toss macaroni in casserole dish with one small chopped onion, salt and pepper, 1 cup of evaprated milk ( canned milk ), 2 tbsp butter
Top with 2 cups grated old cheddar and bread crumbs.
Ps. this recipe works great with gluten free pasta and crumbs too


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  1. Disappointed I couldn’t join the group in the studio today – I ended up with 2 granddaughters at Crystal Palace….. definitely about the granddaughters and not a choice of where I’d rather be!


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