Phyllis Lindsay’s Cabbages

Dear Diary,
Phyllis Lindsay is working on a pattern of mine called, Woman with Cabbages and last week she sent me a picture of the progress she has made on it. I really like the pink she is using in hers. I think it looks great and I thought you might enjoy seeing them. The progress on my cabbages is on the studio facebook page if you want to take a peek. One think I like about having a studio page is that I can show you quickly the work in progress in the studio. Thank you to the many of you who liked the page. We are getting near 300.

I will put a little special offer or something there for you sometime, maybe a contest, or a bit of fooolishness odf some sort.

Take a good look of her use of colour in the back field behind the woman. She is not shying away from a little drama. I think she is doing a great job. Thank you for showing me these last week . Between you and Kaffe Fasset, you got me wanting to cook up my own version! No that was not a typo!

IMG_4242-1 Phyllis Lindsay IMG_4241-1phyllis Lindsay’s Cabbages

10 thoughts on “Phyllis Lindsay’s Cabbages

  1. This is so beautiful. Will it ever be a kit? Am just finishing up Poppies on the Edge of Town and would love to start another project soon.


  2. I have seen this rug in person. It is nothing less than stunning! I am blessed to have Phyliss as one of my instructors and my friend. She is an extremely talented artist!


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