newsy friday at the rug hooking studio

Dear Diary, The studio was a buzz all week getting packages ready to ship for the people course. It has been exciting and lots of work. I have also been finishing videos, and rugs for the new course that will start March 18. Register soon  and order your package so we can get it to you on time.

Today Catherine also added the pillows and some new rugs to my gallery page. There are some sweet small rugs there.

I finished a large field rug last week too, and we got Brenda’s picture with it wrapped as a shawl around her.

You can see the new shelves we got in the studio behind her with all our new wools. We are enjoying keeping them stocked. Just changing our shelving gave us so  much more room.

The other news is that I just took the first draft of the sketches for our new pattern catalog to the printer. There are over 100 new patterns in there and many are very unique from our old catalog. I spent all day on a stool hunched over, writing out sizes, cutting and pasting, and drawing so tonight I feel a bit hunched over and tight. Once I had them all done, 30 pages of drawings, I thought, “What if I spill a cup of coffee on these and ruin them?” So I quickly drove off to the printer to have the originals copied. I am excited to get it out of my hands and one step closer to the catalog version. I think I am going to come up with some great recipes for it as well. Why not, cook and hook?

So it has been a good week. Busy and productive. We had some beautiful days which made for great walking this week. I also got a lot of work done on the Hooking People Course. Writing each course is like writing a book, plus the videos and activities. It is interesting work though and I have been getting great feedback on the other courses so I know it is worthwhile.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate it.


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