Come and knit or hook and enjoy the studio

Dear Diary, today a group took me up on my offer to use the back studio and came and knit for the morning. We have a back room , that we use as a workshop room. The studio group meets there on Thursdays from ten to two and it is free most other days. Last week , Judith from Pugwash called and asked if they could meet there and I was jappy to say, “Sure “.

If your group would like to meet for sn afternoon or morning , or the day at my studio you are more than welcome. There is no charge because we know you’ll shop at the studio. The Pugwash knitters did. We appreciate that it is nice to get away. The space is comfortable and has great lighting . so call us and book your group in.

We’ll make the coffee and tea and you can have it in our pottery mugs snd we’ll even do the dishes. We want to see the room being used, people visiting and shopping in the studio and in downtown Amherst. You are most welcome.

Come and bring the gang.


3 thoughts on “Come and knit or hook and enjoy the studio

  1. What a happy group of ladies! Deanne! Providing a place ……….. a warm, cozy, happy place ……… for enjoyment of so many certainly confirms your commitment of encouraging CREATE BEAUTY EVERYDAY. Other businesses could take a page from your “book” and do a similar good thing. Congratulations on all your successes.


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