Hooking People is Coming Soon

Dear Diary, After an overwhelming response today from people who are interested in hooking people I have decided to try to offer the course in Mid March after Wild with Wool. I have been looking closely at the People rugs I have hooked over the years and one that stands out for me is Standing Before the Monument. It is a beautiful rug. I think I will use it as the title  picture for the course. Every time I look at it, I think, “My goodness, you made that.”  That is the thing about making art. When we look at what we made sometimes we are lucky and it surprises us.

This only happens once in a while but when it does you really hang on to that feeling for a long time. It is a feeling you savour.

Today in the studio we had fifteen new shelves come in. They are all white squares so  that we can display our wools and yarns better. After a year or two of improving our yarn selection, we have now started improving our cloth selection and wanted the right shelves to display it better. Brenda and Lorna and I lugged all afternoon and left the studio in a terrible mess. We’ll go back at it tomorrow. We love changing things around but fifteen shelves is a heft project. We are all tired tonight I am sure.

Remember tomorrow is our Fibre Arts Group, come if you can, 10 am to 2pm…….


13 thoughts on “Hooking People is Coming Soon

  1. Yup….I do believe I will have to take this class!! Having such fun with Wild with Wool, I would love to prolong it!! 🙂


  2. Sign me up! Your online courses are a perfect escape Deanne. They take me away in my creative mind, even if my creative hands have to be idle for a few months while life goes on. I love imagining the possible, then marvelling at the actual – as and when it happens!


  3. I love that rug too. I think it is the body language of each person that you were able to convey. They all look so natural. I’m looking forward to your hooking people class and am happy it will be at a less busy time than the Wild with Style class.
    I hope you are having a beautiful sunny day in Amherst.


  4. Your rug is beautiful , Deanne. I can even “see my Grandmother” amidst the ladies shivering in the cold, yet so fashionably dressed with their winter attire. “She” is the one second from the left …. truly … I have a photograph and your hooked lady of slight stature looks just like her. I would love to do a rug so beautiful. I’m glad you had an overwhelming response to this course being ( hopefully ) offered. I am excited to think I may learn to hook people. Thank you.


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