rugs that find homes

Dear Diary, Recently I received this picture of  “A Hundred Acres” in some one’s home. Their husband bought it for them for their birthday. It was so nice to see it all situated and know that it is warming up their home. After I sell the rugs I often have no idea where they have gone to, so it was nice to see this one and where it has found a home. People sometimes ask me, How can you let them go? I love to let them go, knowing they find a home somewhere else. I love the idea that they grace the walls of someone’s home, that their children will see that image everyday, and grow up remembering it. It is a lovely feeling.

The last few days have been hectic  with meetings and other work. Last night I curled and got two in the house. They eventually got knocked out but still I am a beginner. Today our downtown marketing committee met and we made some plans for an Amherst Downtown Website and brochure that we are excited about. We have a great little community based committee. Harry the Printer is really helping us along on this. Amherst is growing into festival town with the Rockabilly Festival and The Fibre Arts Festival both being so successful. We have lots of lovely small businesses here.

Everyone is getting ready for the big impending storm. We have got our wood in so we are okay. We can always melt snow on the wood stove. Hopefully it won’t come to that and we’ll keep water and power, but everyone around here is excited about the prospect of forty centimetres. We are all rallying with the weather I guess. Staying off the roads, hunkering down, thinking that I would like to clean my studio and organize my wool, a snowy day plan.


Karen Ingrey

10 thoughts on “rugs that find homes

  1. What a cosy spot for your beautiful rug! Lucky lady for sure!! I have a spot all picked out for the five houses rug I am hooking of your design my friend! You have inspired me to use brighter colors for my houses. We are getting walloped here in Ma. From this blizzard tonight! Stay safe! E


  2. I was also a lucky recipient of one of Deanne’s beautiful rugs this past Christmas. Although not as a grand in size it was one that spoke to me when I saw it on her website. It is called “Cozy Pine Cottage” (I hope that is correct Deanne). It reminds me of our family cottage trips in northern Ontario. I have hung it over the chair where I rug hook.
    The storm hit us today in Toronto. Haven’t heard the final tally but we had over 20cm (nothing compared to eastern Canada, I know). The snow is piled at over 5′ high on our little front lawn from all the shoveling of the side walks, driveway and road space around the cars. We all stayed home today and I had the rare opportunity to hook for over a couple of hours — it was wonderful. It is 10 pm and the sky is bright from all the snow. Tomorrow is to be sunny so we are looking forward to some amazing tobogganing before it all melts when the rain moves in on Monday. Enjoy your snow day! Hopefully the power stays on!


  3. What a lucky lady receiving such a beautiful rug.She must have been thrilled to bits. So thoughtful of her husband to present her with something she really wanted. The rug shows off very well in its new home.


  4. Stay safe and warm Deanne and just keep hooking. I know what you mean by sending your work out to warm and inspire others. As a pastellist I am somethimes surprised by the delight of seeing one of my paintings on another’s wall, maybe I’ll see some rugs there too some day.


  5. How nice. I hope others will send in pictures of your rugs in their home. We may get 3 feet or more of snow. Ocean side winds are kicking up the waves. This is a good day to curl up with the warmth of wool & hook. Good Luck Deanne.


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