We had a dozen for our first weekly group

Dear Diary, We had about a dozen for our first weekly fibre arts group and I thought that was just great. We started out slow, with just three of us, then another came,and another, until we were twelve or so. Lets hope it keeps up. Remember you are welcome. Every Thursday there is a hook in/ knit in/ or whatever at 33 Church Street in Amherst.

It was a lovely day. In the middle of it one of the rug hookers who headed home early called and said there was a man from Digby out at the Irving selling fresh fish from his truck. I headed out and picked up fish for several of us for supper tonight. At seventeen below, he was selling fresh, never frozen haddock from the back of a truck at minus seventeen. So some of us are having fresh caught haddock tonight for supper. Small town life, word gets around fast.

We had mostly rug hookers today but a couple of knitters too. It was great to see everyone come out on such a cold day. Remember we are going to be a year round group so if you are coming to NS on a holiday be sure to come on a Thursday and join us. Yippee , we’re off to a good start.

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8 thoughts on “We had a dozen for our first weekly group

  1. Pat Probst and I are with you in spirit in “not so cold” Indiana where it was in the 50’s yesterday .


  2. My husband just said he want to go to Nova Scotia for a Banjo camp- I don’t know where that is but if we come I hope it’s close enough for me to come visit your shop!


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