dream a little dream of a rug hooking resource room

Dear Diary, I am excited about the Fibre Arts group starting at the studio on Thursday. Whether we have three or ten come out, it does not really matter. The important thing is that we are using that beautiful back space for what it was meant to be used for. I feel terrible that it sits empty so much. I like things to get well used.  I hope that over time we will build a strong fibre arts community centred around that space and that we will find all kinds of uses for it.  I think whatever gifts you have, that you should use them and share them. It took me a long time to come to a hooking / fibre arts group at the studio downtown but now that I have decided I really look forward to watching it develop. We just had magnets made by Harry the Printer to remind people to come out, and we are having a sign made for the shop window.  So we’ll make a real effort to build a nice community .

Tonight I just left my Tuesday night group and came home to write this post. We were a small group this week, but still we enjoyed ourselves. We caught up on each others lives, lent a little support to each other, and gave us a place to go on a cold winter’s night where the welcome was genuine. I hope we can build this kind of group at the studio, one where gossip is  not heard, and kindness prevails.

As for using the studio backroom more, one of the things I have decided to do is host a guest artist. This July we will host April DeConick from Houston , Texas and she will teach hooking small impressionistic portraits at my studio. I just posted the workshop today. I am excited to welcome April.

I want this room to have a warm  feeling and a strong community built around it. In the future I imagine having a bit of a resource room there for people to come and research about rug hooking, create their own designs, and sit and ook and read. Dream a little dream, and the next thing you know, there it is, it happens.blog1 blog2 blog4


8 thoughts on “dream a little dream of a rug hooking resource room

  1. Hi everyone, I wish I could pop over to your studio from Oz just for a while Deanne. We have no rug hookers at all near where I live. I attended the workshops after the TIGHR conference at Strathalbyn, Sth Aust. attending workshops with Gene Shepherd and Heather Ritchie. I loved the fellowship and cameraderie between hookers. I just love all the US websites to do with rug hooking and read many blogs daily. I have taught myself to hook from all the wonderful Youtube videos around and bought one of your DVDs Deanne, which has also helped me. I am on my 6th rug which will be a family story rug. I am envious of all the supplies and likeminded people.
    Happy hooking
    Chris from Oz


  2. I think it’s a great idea you offer this moment for gathering in your beautiful studio, it must be fun. One day, I will take the time to drive over and participate.

    Love your new website page, it flows very nicely, beautiful lively pictures too. I always enjoy visiting your page and blog. Take care.



  3. It sounds like a wonderful sense of community that you are building. I like that you have put out there that it should be welcoming and no gossip. Gossip can be destructive to a group and there is so much more to talk about, like colour, fibres, rug hooking, business, etc.


  4. Wish I was there. Sure would enjoy hanging out in that back space in the studio. Hope the weather has been kind this year. It’s not been too bad a winter here, looking at a snow storm Friday into Saturday. Take care.


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