Catherine Bussiere: winter walk

this is my road
sometimes hard dusty dirt
sometimes frozen dusty dirt
sometimes mud
often mud
infinite variation of texture
from drivable
to barely drivable
is the department of highway ever gonna come fix those ditches!
once upon a time there were ditches
without ditches comes puddles of water
puddles are wonder
what freezing temperature does to water is stunning
I go for a walk
hunting for water designs
I will not lie
this time the best specimen were not on my road
rather on the pond
in the summer I swim in that pond
sometime the water barely refreshes me it is so warm
today I walk on thick ice
it has been really cold lately and then for two days came spring weather
a warm breeze made the remaining of our snow melt away and so did the top layer of the pond
what happened next is natures’ design
a work of beauty
the thermostat dropping again
bubbles got caught in mid air
– mid water really
and froze

caught in layers
a world of it’s own was created
up close it’s a universe of ice
one could get lost in it
designs of time past and future
today’s ephemeral grace
awes me
tomorrow it will be gone
or rather, altered
tomorrow it will snow

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9 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: winter walk

  1. Catherine,
    Beautiful rhythm in your photographic work. Random thoughts often inspire one’s seeing along the journey. nancy harris


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