Fibre Arts Group starts on Thursday, Feb. 7…..come join us

Dear Diary, the other night we went to visit friends of the family and while there we were shown some old hooked rugs that had been made by the friend’s mother. He said, “She used to sit with her sister in the basement by the wood stove and hook rugs and they’d laugh and laugh. ” I loved that idea of a couple of sisters sitting around rug hooking and killing themselves laughing. He has kept the rugs on the floor of their guest bedroom where they are still in perfect condition. I apologize for these pictures as they are just snaps but they give you an idea. As he is from Lunenburg you can also see a great hooked rug of the bluenose that he had as well. My pictures are not very good but you will get the idea.

I am still working on a couple of bags that I plan to get Brenda to help me finish. I have been looking on Etsy for purse handles. Someone also suggested to me that you can go to Frenchys or the Sally Ann or any second hand store and get an old purse and use the straps from it. God idea.

Be sure to come out next Thursday , February 7, for the inaugural meeting of the Studio Fibre Arts Groups. Bring your hooking, your knitting, any wool craft and come from 10 am to 2pm or any part of it. We charge $2 for charity. This year we are giving the proceeds to the NS Fibre Art Festival Society. I have no idea why I waited so long to start this group. I am really excited about building a little fibre arts group around the studio. I also hope that we will get weekly visitors and it will give people a reason to drop in to the studio on Thursdays or take a day trip and come and hook….and shop too of course.


old rugs4 old rugs3 old rugs2 old rugs1



11 thoughts on “Fibre Arts Group starts on Thursday, Feb. 7…..come join us

  1. You are right Jill, so long ago, so many memories in the old rugs. Deanne, I wish I lived close by to pop into your Fibre Arts Group. Your todays blog was a breath of fresh air so to speak. After an awful day in the Woodstock area where I live, white-outs, horrendous traffic pile-ups. I needed something to take my mind off it all. You made my day with the pictures, and your words. Luv Shirley


  2. What a treat to see those photos. My grandmother, who lived in Lunenburg County, had rugs similar to those covering every floor. Lovely!


  3. Good for you for starting a weekly fibre arts group. You are doing a great job of encouraging the community and town of Amherst. Wish you were closer.


  4. Beautiful! So nice to see some of the old traditional designs in such lovely condition. ( the stories those rugs could tell eh?)


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