the CFTA radio shows are archived

Dear Diary, Yesterday I sent out an email to nearly 5000 with the wrong subject heading in it. So I quickly shot of another one. Then guess what, after sending out an email to say go look at my new webpage, the site went down because my mailing put too much stress on the server. So there you go, another of my antics. I was so agitated at myself . However I did get it resolved and learned that me mailings are supposed to go out in batches. Surely, who knew? There is just so much to know these days about phones and computers and face book and twitter. It makes rug hooking even more of a blessing.

I am so looking forward to Feb 7 and starting out fibre arts group in the studio on Thursdays from 10 to 2. Even if you are from far away you can come once in a while to join us for the day. Bring a carload and I ‘ll boil the kettle, and make sure there is a bit of hard cheese in the fridge. Do they say “hard cheese ” anymore. We always called cheddar , hard cheese when I was a kid. I think the idea of a studio fibre arts group will be lovely and I will look forward to it each week.

Today for our radio program on CFTA 107.9 , Frank Allen and I interviewed Jenna Bone about Community development and it was such an interesting conversation. The program airs on Wednesday nights at 8:00pm.  Our old shows are archived here  on the internet if you would like to listen to them. We interview someone from the community each week and ask them for three songs that have been important in their life. We are having fun with it. I love the radio station because it is so community driven, operated mainly by volunteers and fundraising. It is a great community project.

Tonight I am off to the Tuesday night rug hooking group where I am working on a new version of the sweet hit and miss after I sold the original last week. I am keeping happily busy. We have a nice group that meets on Tuesday nights.frankhazel1

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  1. Isn’t technology wonderful! LOL. I think we have all experienced something like that before whether we have accidently “Reply All” or our systems have gone down. It is like a new type of normal.

    I wanted to thank you for sending out the e-mail a couple of weeks ago regarding hooking floor rugs. Before Christmas, I had planned to do some hooking over the holidays and wanted the project to be a rug. I wimped out at the beginning of January just not having the motivation to do it. Then, your e-mail arrived. It really inspired me to just go for it! So, I ordered the linen that you recommended (which is very nice!) and I have started on two rugs instead of only just one. I marked the patterns out yesterday and am going through my stash today. It feels like an adventure as one of the rugs I will be working on; I call it granny squares, it has various squares done in various materials and was one of the homework assignments from the “Wild with Wool” class last spring. I cannot wait to start hooking, or more playing with, all of the various fibres that I purchased from your shop. I live in Manitoba and we have had a hasher than usual (yes, even for us Manitobans) winter thus far so the floor rugs will be a wonderful project to work on! Thank you very much for providing us with the opportunity to work on this craft! You have very beautiful fibres and you and your team are very enthusiastic in spreading the “hooking” around to those of us who do not live near you!


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