Blogging for Tantramar Senior’s College

people2Dear Diary, Today we have a group from the Tantramar Senior’s College here to learn the basics of Blogging. I was up half the night worrying about what I might teach them. Now I onder why because they are all here having a coffee , and learning. It is as easy as can be. Why do we do that?

It was lovely having a little group of five. We set up a blog for one of them, and he will use it to keep in touch with his family who are all over North America. Then we chatted about pinterest , twitter and Facebook. It was really quite fun to share the bit I knew about technology.


4 thoughts on “Blogging for Tantramar Senior’s College

  1. How often are our worries unfounded after all-so glad you enjoyed being with the group. Oh and I love the new web site look.


  2. Upon entering your studio I felt mystical energy. When glancing up at your lovely red wall hanging, that was it! I must go back to creating with various material. Thank you for your silent influence.


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