know what catches your eye

Dear Diary, I keep my phone camera handy with me most of the time because it is so useful. I cannot get the clarity with it like I can from my big camera but I can use it to capture things. It slips into my pocket when I am walking so you can really have fun with it. Last week I was in Sydney , Cape Breton for the weekend and I noticed the signage at The Royal Hotel. I do not know why it captivated me so. I don’t question the anymore I just notice what takes my eye. Now this will never be a rug, at least I do not see it that way. I just see it as interesting. There is a type of photography now called “iphoneography.” A lot of people are using their phones very creatively for photography.

So much of creating images is about how you see things. Record how you see things. When you notice something, take notice of noticing. Sounds silly but surely it will help you grow in your understanding of what you like.

I still carry my big camera in my bag, but when I go for a walk or out for a quick run, I like the ease of a phone camera. I first noticed Jennifer Manuel of Fish Eye Rugs use hers years ago to remember a book title. She just snapped a picture of the book instead of writing it down. She used her camera like it was a notebook. Simple use of your camera like this can turn it into a visual memory box for you. It is just a great tool.

I have come to really appreciate it as a tool in my life, my business and my art. It can be a distraction but the truth is handled properly even distraction is a good thing. For years I never carried a phone and the truth is I rarely take a phone call on it. I do not like to. I use it to text, to learn, to write my blog, to take pictures, and when it rings  I rarely even notice it as it tucked away in my purse. So it is not primarily a phone, it is primarily a tool.

By the way Sydney , Cape Breton is a great little city. We had a nice time, some good walks, and lots of hockey.

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  1. I was born in Sydney. It was always a great town for hockey. When I was in high school, I spent a lot of time watching hockey in local arenas. I lived in front of the harbour across the water from Sydney. Lots of wonderful memories there.


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