Every Thursday it’s Fibre Arts at the studio

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So here is the story. I have a beautiful workshop studio in back of my shop that is just not getting used enough and I want to see it brought to life every Thursday. We would like to invite you to join us for our weekly Studio Hooking group. I spoke to the Tuesday Night group that I go to and many agreed that our community needs a day time  rug hooking group.

I have been thinking about it for quite a while. I also thought that if some of you are travelling through you might like to come hook for a while on Tuesday. It will give you a day that you know there is something going on at the studio and another reason to visit. Perhaps you cannot make it every week, but you can make it once a month, or even once a year. This will be an open group with everyone welcome to come hook for the day.

I just want to see our back space used well and people enjoying it.

There is no fee but we will collect $2 from each person for the local food bank. Come whenever you can.

If you are local and would like to be a regular or semi regular member come and join us.

Come Bring your Rug Hooking, or Your Wool Fibre Art and join us:

at Deanne Fitzpatrick Studio 


33 Church Street 

for our Weekly Hook In Every Thursday

Starting 10am, bring a brown bag lunch if you like.


Call 660-3220  or email us at info@hookingrugs.com for more Info



29 thoughts on “Every Thursday it’s Fibre Arts at the studio

  1. See you on August 22 if that is a Hook In day. We are travelling and I want to arrange things to get there…finally!


  2. Wish I could join you in your shop, but Kentucky is just too far from you. I have a small studio on my farm where I paint with acrylics and oils and wool. I remember, as a little girl, my grandmother, mother and aunts hooking rugs every chance they got. I try to hook in the early mornings before work and weekends. I love it too!


  3. This is a great idea. Just learned about it today. I would like to come sometimes with my spinning wheel and join the fun. Hoping for next week. I guess I will switch my grocery day from Monday to Thursday and do all my Amherst errands at once!


  4. I,’d like to be at the studio each Thursday,but I’m in Florida ! !!!thank you,and I like the idea Skype!Was it possible?


  5. I second the Skype idea – let the rest of the world sit in on the Amherst rug hooking group – then we’ll be a Global Group!
    (To do that you will need to set up a ‘conference call’-type set up on Skype or some other VOIP Deanne.)
    From Nan in Doha, Qatar where it is sunny and warm today. 🙂


  6. Maybe you could Skpe the Thursday meeting for us foreigners that don’t have a group to meet with…..North Carolina..


  7. I’ll be thinking of you all creating together on Thursdays!! And I may even get your way in April.

    Happy New Year, Deanne!


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