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Getting Wild with Wool

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Hooking Rugs with Style and Substance an online introductory course about hooking rugs with Deanne Fitzpatrick
Getting Wild with Wool: An online course about hooking rugs with Deanne Fitzpatrick
This course is an introductory course to the style in which I hook and will focus on the techniques and ideas that I use to create rugs. There will be emphasis on explaining the style in which I hook through video lessons created especially for this course.

What we will cover:
Week one:Getting into the groove of the hook and understanding technique.
Week two:Understanding materials, movement
Week three:Colour and Texture Week four:Creativity and Rug Hooking
Week Five: Webinar/Chat(we have to see which technology will work best) with questions and answers and show of our work
What is the plan for the course:
Each week I will post the articles and videos about the topic. It will be self directed, you can go online at anytime and look at the course materials, read, watch and learn. The assignments and tips and ideas will be there for you to carry out through the week.
We will email you with a password so you can alone can access the course materials. In our online learning community you can post pictures and stories about your progress which I will read and comment directly on. You will be given a password for the weekly lesson and the online learning community.
You will need:
  • a computer that allows you to watch video and basic computer skills, a camera so you can share your images if you wish,
  • an email address,
  • rug hook, frame, pattern and backing, and a selection of wool in a variety of textures. You can purchase a course materials package on line as an add on to the course and any pattern if you wish, but remember shipping can take up to two weeks to the states. You can also create your own pattern and use your own wools. That is up to you. A landscape pattern is most suitable for this course.
  • a few hours each week to spend on your hooking and assignments

You will receive:

  •  detailed posts each week about the topic at hand with video each week explaining the section with close ups
  •  photo tutorials about the ideas discussed in the post an assignment for you to complete that will help integrate your learning on the weeks topic
  •  a section of tips and ideas for the weeks topic inspiration and ideas about rug hooking, creativity, and art instruction on technique
  • a place to ask questions and get direct feedback from Deanne, and my honest effort to teach the group as well as I possibly can. I want it to be a lovely experience for everyone involved, as well as a learning experience for me.
  •  at the end of the weekly post you can post comments, questions, and input and I will respond

How do I communicate with others in the course?

There will be an online community/group where you can post pictures of your work in progress and other information on the topic. You can also interact through the comments on the blog post or by emailing each other directly if you both agree to share your email address with someone else. I will not be working with people privately and independently in this course but as part of the community. I will be viewing all the images, comments and notes that are posted and offering comprehensive, honest feedback as much as possible. If you want private lessons online, that can be arranged separately from the course, through skype.
Start date: Sept. 10, 2012
End date: Oct. 15 ,2012
Cost: $99
How do I pay: You can pay by ordering online with visa or master card anytime.
 Do I have to show my work and complete the assignments?
That is completely up to you. You can just follow along quietly if you prefer, or you can participate a lot in the community and the assignments. I work on an adult learning model , understanding that the easier we make it for people to learn at different times, in their own ways, the more they can learn.
 Do I have to be available at a certain time?
No, because we are working in so many different time zones the course will be available to you when your schedule permits.I would encourage you to check in several times a week to keep yourself updated.
If you have more questions you can email me at

Online Workshop Starts: February 18, 2013

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Registration Deadline: February 11,2013

What People Say About My Online Course:

“Based on my experience with Deanne’s first online course in February, I can recommend her as a teacher. She communicates openly both in her written and spoken words.  Her explanations of “the what to do – why to do – and how to do” via her videos, her writings, her photos of the work, are clear, very helpful and motivating. In addition, those online members who respond and ask questions have also added to my learning experience. This is a worthwhile 5 week opportunity in which you are encouraged and guided to go at your own pace.”

“Thanks so much Deanne. I have thoroughly enjoyed your writings , videos etc. In a previous time I taugt painting and it was incredible when a person realized they could produce art  when they always said, “I have no artistic talent.” I have thoroughly enjoyed your class and all the lessons and I keep going back and reading everything over and over””I wish I could bottle this feeling and sell it because I would be a rich woman. Wow, do you ever inspire a person.””Great Workshop Deanne, so much info and ideas. these lesssons have been really packed.

I wanted to say if anyone is thinking of signing up for Deanne’s online course  do it! As anyone who taken a course with Deanne knows,  a great and generous yeacher who brings alot of experience, imagination, and , always, creativity to her courses. Getting Wild with Wool is no exception. I found the course chock full of information and inspiration with many different avenues of learning. And best of all was the communication with other participants from all over the world. It just made me so proud. Maile in Seattle

20 thoughts on “Getting Wild with Wool Online Workshop Next Session: February, 2013

  1. It is not easy top build a cheticamp, unless you are a carpenter. Yes the links were broken yesterday. I will resend that message. Thanks for telling me. The course is definitely suitable for you . We have many people take them who have been hooking for years.


  2. Hi Deanne,
    I visited your lovely studio while on holidays in September. One of your staff gave me a hooking lesson right in the studio, I bought “Poppies at the Edge of Town” and off I went!
    I completed that kit, and have started my own pattern from a picture I took. Would this beginner’s course still be relelvant to someone who has hooked a few projects already?
    Also, when I tried to click on the “click here to reigster” link, I get an error message. ?
    PS…I would LOVE a Cheticamp frame, is it easy to build your own if I purchase the gears through your store?


  3. Hi Deanne: I received my textured wool/yarn package for the Getting Wild with Wool online class. I was amazed and excited to receive such beautiful fabric and yarn for this class. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks, Linda


  4. i am enrolled for the course in Sept. You suggest a landscape. what size would you suggest ? I am thinking about 12x 15. What do you think? I would like to have it done by the time the course is finished and I am not too fast.


  5. Hi Deanne,
    I am interested in rug hooking course. Wondering if this would be a good place to start. I have no clue about this but would love to learn.


  6. Hello, I would have loved to have participated in the abstract workshop being carried on right now… but I gathered from the website that this was not an online class, but an on-site class. If you do give this workshop online, will you be giving another? Your rugs are exquisite! I was drawn to your website among many others because of the startling beauty of the abstract depictions of nature, fields, the sea, etc — The 100 acres rug that is for sale for $2600 is so lovely, it startles. I’d love to buy it — but I’d love more to be able to try my hand at making something like that. It must give you enormous satisfaction. Please respond re the abstraction course — I will come back tomorrow to sign up for your beginners online course that begins in September. THANKS!


  7. Deanne,
    I would like to register for this class but I can’t get into the registration site. Please advise whether I can still join class or not. Thank yhoul
    Katie Knoelke


  8. Hi Deanne,
    I would like to know if I pay for the class if I can start it a week or two late and if I can download the class on a disk for a later time. We will be traveling at the time of the class and I would really like to take it, or do you have another one planned at a later date?
    Thank You,


  9. Jean, the online course is just the thing for you and we welcome all levels of learners to the studio classes . We keep class size small just so we can accommodate lots of needs. A good pattern for the course is poppies on the edge of town


  10. I am interested in taking the online course. I am a novice rug hooker and would like your suggestion of pattern and size. I am a present, my own design, finishing a primitive rug approx. 30 x 30 but would like some directions and guidance for a future project.

    I have always loved color and mix stripes with plaids when sewing curtains, etc.

    Any guidance would be appreciated Please let me know if you think your online is ok for me to take. Also, do you have classes for my beginning level that I possibly might take at your studio?

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to review this message.
    Sincerely, Jean ( a novice hooker)


  11. Hi Deanne
    I would like to register for your on-line class in April and would be grateful if you could suggest one or two kits I could use for the class from your selection.

    Thank you



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