Sheila Mcintyre’s Rug from the Colour Workshop Last Fall

Hi Everyone, I thought I would like to show you a rug that Sheila Mcintyre designed before she came to the Colour Workshop last fall and that she worked on during the workshop. She just sent me a note and a picture of it. I thought you might like to see. I really like seeing what people have created in my studio workshops.
We have only three workshops at the studio this year and one is full already . If you plan to come please register soon.

Hi Deanne

This is a photo of my Klimt-style rug which I designed for your colour workshop in September 2012. Some of the sari silks I just bought from you allowed me to finish it up. It is 40″ wide and 31″ high. It proved a wonderful colour challenge. With a few exceptions, it is in five colours: rusty red, rusty gold to goldy orange to rusty orange,  teals (more blue than green) and purples. Where I used blue, it leaned to purple. There is no green. I decided ( again with a few exceptions) not to outline the inner blocks, which made planning the colour blocks within so narrow a colour spectrum challenging. The lack of outlining makes the eye work hard deciphering where one block ends and another begins and where a few blocks pick up after a gap. I think this need to keep looking to discern patterns adds a lot of interest to the rug. I had gathered all kinds of variegated yarns in these shades, but found that the pattern is so intricate that variegated yarns created too much confusion in an already busy rug. The only texture is provided by the sari silks, the gold string yarn, and a few small details in yarn.

Getting ready for the colour workshop inspired me to come up with something other than a traditional geometric. I have done a wonky square rug and wanted to try something more organic.   Pris Buttler’s feature in Rug Hooking magazine (Nov/Dec 2011) on a Klimt workshop she ran suggested how interesting it might be to design and hook. I did depart from my drawn pattern as I hooked, eliminating some details that were too confusing to the eye, and adding some additional continuities. The black and brass horizontal base to the central column came from a suggestion you made to add some black.

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  1. How lovely your design is. Most intricate, colour planning challenging , plus so much thought put into designing this style of riug . Gustav Klimt is a favorite of mine . You have put me in the mood to try something simillar WHENI I have completed a rug Deanne designed for me..Great work Sheila.. Happy New Year everyone.


  2. Hi everyone. The image of the rug on the blog home page is correct. For some reason, it turns upside down when you open to read more. The apricot section with branches and red leaves should be bottom right. Sheila


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