At the Kitchen Table: CFTA Interview

Dear Diary, I am lucky to live in a vibrant community. A few years ago a group of community members decided that we needed a community based radio station and they worked hard to make it happen. With only one full time staff person and a legion of volunteers this radio station serves Westmoreland and Cumberland Counties. It has a good strong signal and tons of community support. In a recent  blog post I told you that Frank Allen and I are hosting a radio interview show at the local radio station and we interviewed the man himself, well almost, Art Brown as Santa Claus, and his wife Virginia.Our show is called At the Kitchen Table because it is a conversational style show, and we want it to feel as if we are having a cup of tea together. You can listen to the interview on the CFTA Archive page at this link if you would like to listen to it:

choose archives, then At the Kitchen Table

In our radio show we interview local people who are doing things that inspire others. Personally I am inspired by the people who work so hard at the radio station itself. I love it that we have a community based radio station where you can get involved and create programming. For me, interviewing local people is a chance to fill my life with interesting stories. I am a naturally curious person. Some would call me nosy. I love the chance to sit with people and ask them their story. There is such a lovely freedom in it.

The radio station is truly a beautiful community based effort

I left this interview with Art and Virginia Brown inspired by their goodness, and their varied interests. I hope you enjoy it.