Catherine Bussiere: Two days before Christmas


Yesterday was so warm it felt like spring
The little snow we had was gone and my muddy road was bordered by running streams
there was a floating mist in the air and as I went for my walk I filled my lungs with moisture
It was a wonderful feeling, but didn’t feel like Christmas
My kids and I went to the overgrown neighbors field to pick a small evergreen
for this year I decorated an old apple tree branch with colorful Mardi Gras beads
So to appease the needs of all we settled on a small Christmas tree that could be transplanted in the spring
I can be sentimental when it comes to trees
This year won’t be traditional or rather in some ways it will be internationally traditional if there is such a thing
In my house we all like to eat and we like to travel
so for Christmas this year we are all over the map
Last night we made tamales which is stuffed corn based dough filled with spiced meat and steamed in corn husk
If you’ve traveled to central America you might have tried some
They are served with a spicy sauce and for me make a perfect breakfast
Tomorrow I will make jamaican patties
which is a spicy beef filling in a buttery turmeric yellow pastry
served really hot and so delicious
I also want to make spring rolls
I’ve never made those and I love them
When you live at the end of a dirt road in Cumberland County and you like to eat various foods either you move or you learn how to make them
I like to cook so I haven’t moved yet
For the sweet tooth there will be a mix
Chocolate covered oatcakes, baklavas, pies
and a Christmas log
This is one of the things I enjoy most about Christmas, making and sharing food
It’s the time we take preparing it together with family and friends, listening to music, enjoying a drink, catching up

There are a few snow flakes dancing around in the air this morning
I better get back to the kitchen
Best to you all and happy holidays








2 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: Two days before Christmas

  1. Beautiful food Catherine. This year on Christmas Eve we had our sons over for a lobster dinner and sweets from my Christmas cookie exchange. For Christmas dinner we made Chinese dumplings (jiaozi), stir fried Chinese greens, almond cream (like jello but made with almond extract and half and half cream) with mandarin oranges and more sweets from my cookie exchange. As my kids get older (all in their 20’s now) the more I appreciate spending an evening or two with them. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Warmly, Meryl


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