Notes From Readers

Dear Diary, every once in a while someone sends me a picture of a rug they created from one of my patterns. I always like to see them.

This came from Carol Bryson, and is from my “Stay Inspired “Pattern

carol Bryson


Here is Day Cowperthwaite. Though the picture is small because of the format it was emailed in I think you can see how beautiful it is. Here is what she told me,”Deanne, I sent this piece to Joyce who was my Mom’s friend, Joyce at Centenary College. Joyce befriended my Mom in the last years of her life. Joyce called me when she received the package and was in tears.
Thank you, Deanne for helping me create a treasure in my Mom’s name”.

Day Cowperthwaite


Please keep sending me pictures of your completed work. I might not get them all up on the blog but I can assure I take the time to look at every one of them

Hand made, there’s nothing quite like it. Keep making beautiful rugs. Create Beauty Everyday.


4 thoughts on “Notes From Readers

  1. Yes, “hand made” is right on. As I surveyed my living room just the other day, I looked at what I had on my tables and walls and most is worked by hand: hand carved crows, and beach birds, a glass blown bowl by an artist I personally know, original paintings, a sculpture of a girl’s face and I call it “Susannah” because she looks like my cousin Susannah, and my own hooked rugs on display.


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