Dear Diary, We have this guy I know and love, and we call him hopper. We call him hopper cause that’s his last name. Bill Hopper. Last week he turned 82. For both Robert and I at Mansour’s Mens Wear he does our errands. That means , when you order online , it is Hopper who takes your parcel to the mail. When Mansour’s hems your pants, it is Hopper that takes them to the tailor.

He is so good to us. Her reminds me weekly that we pay him a pittance because we do. He calls me “beautiful”, then teases  me that he thinks he left his pants in my car last night.  Brenda, just said, “He calls me beautiful too!” Lorna is mad now cause he doesn’t call her beautiful and she writes the cheques.

Last week he turned 82. Rain or shine he is here, whether we need light bulbs from Home Hardware, or a pick up in Sackville, he is willing. He is a guy who likes to be doing something, and he is always doing something.

When I think about aging well, I think of Hopper. He never misses a beat. He believes in kindness without getting all mushy about it.

He believes in fun, and he is full of life. He is a good example of living life well.

We love Hopper.







18 thoughts on “hopper

  1. Who in thei town does not know and love Bill Hooper, always happy, and that beautiful smile, howver, very mischievious at times as well, and his humor is second to none, love ya, Bill…. Keep on “keepin on”..Nanc


  2. What a lovely story, nice to hear the good in people, we sometimes forget to mention the good stuff, or compliment someone for a job well done! Wonderful!


  3. We love Hopper, too. The longtime, official Lotto 649 co-ordinator at Tantramar Chev Buick GMC, he is a quick wit who is rarely at a loss for words or a smart retort … both of which never fail to bring smiles to faces around him. Plus, we really like his choice of hat!


  4. What a hot ticket!! We all need a Mr.Hopper in our lives~♥ By the way Deanne my order came and I am like a little kid just waiting to started hooking your/my houses!! Thanks! Eileen G. Your calender is a gift for another special hooker!


  5. Friendly Bill, always has a smile, a wave as he drives by, or something cheeky to say when you meet him. Aren’t we fortunate to have a wonderful guy like him around town? Mr. Amherst, that’s who he is!


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