Site Maintenance

Dear Diary, As I get ready to go out to rug hooking and have Chinese Food with twenty rug hookers I thought I should take a moment to tell you that the website is undergoing some maintenance so you cannot reach some parts of it. It will be up and running again perfectly very soon. As you know , every once in a while, things require some tweaking.

Most of you are probably Christmas Tweaking right now. Busying yourself with last minute projects, getting the right foods in the house, doing some baking.  I am too. I am also enjoying my December, and doing the same. I’ll put a full post up tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Site Maintenance

  1. I tried to blog you earlier tonight, no luck, couldn’t get through. Voila here you are.Want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the delightful rug you have designed for me, plus all the other little goodies in the box. What fun it will be hooking my five nieces, then presenting it to their Momma,my sister.After all these years of hooking I have never made her a big rug.It arrived on the day it was scheduled. What a lovely surprise I had Monday night around 6pm. The phone rang, a man said “Shirley Julian”, it was the postie down in the lobby filling the mail boxes. He phoned to tell me he had my parcel in his hot little hand.I hopped in the elevator nine stories down I went full of expectations, I was not disappointed.Just in time for Christmas, it made my day. Thanks a million Deanne you are so kind.


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