Santa came to say…

Dear Diary, This year I have decided to get some new hobbies. I have also decided that it is important to get out more and socialize. You see hooking and writing, are both a bit solitary for me. For years , taking my children to play group, or out to events gave me lots of balance, and social time.  I am not holding their hands anymore though, they are growing up and so I need to make my own way. I never thought I would notice that as I have always been so bus but I do miss all the interaction that came with little ones, the coffee mornings, the school meetings , the voluntering. Over the last few years I have gotten kinda quiet socially. I did not intend for it to happen it just did. This fall I decided to reach out a little. I spoke to Frank Allen, a local volunteer and a retired Social Worker in our community to see if he would be interested in co hosting a radio program where we interviewed local people about their lives and got them to suggest three pieces of music for the show that were important to them.  We have a local radio station called CFTA, or Tantramar FM that counts on volunteers so we proposed a show to them and they accepted. Frank and I have agreed to a series of six shows and yesterday we scored our first interview…with someone really famous..yup, we interviewed Santa Claus.

I have got the pictures to prove it. This Special helper of Santa lives in our county and all season plays his role as Santa for all kinds of organizations. Better yet, the money he makes doing it, he gives away to needy families to help build their Christmases for them. He and his wife spend the whole holiday season preparing for one appearance after another. They were an inspiration.

So I’ll let you know when the program airs and see if I can set up a link here so you can have a listen to it. We have another interview planned for next week, and Frank and I are excited to work together for the community to create this program. It is such fun.



Lisa Emery, a radio volunteer aka Foxtrot Lisa and Terry Cove, director of our local Transition House and Ruth , who works with Terry, got so excited when they saw Santa come in that they had to come in and meet him, and have their picture taken with Santa . Lisa is also newly elected as the only woman on our town council. Yeah Lisa! Yeah Santa!






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  1. How cool is that. Santa and you on the radio. Oh please do find a way so we can listen in. Congrats on your accomplishments.


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