Gluten Free

by Catherine Bussiere

salad rolls are delicious, fresh, beautiful
one can put just about anything in them
they are gluten free
as the fine wrapper you will need is made from rice
there is a variety of option if you search a little
or you can just see what is in your refrigerator
to create your own combination
I put vermicelli to start
a little mango and avocado
sweet and creamy
red pepper and cucumber
keeps it fresh
chive and mint
it grows in my garden
(hardy chive and mint, first up in the spring, last to let go)
now best of all
because it is soooo tasty
Peanut Sauce
to dip those little rolls in
if you don’t like peanuts
or if you have allergies
no worries
there are other sauce


* for additional fun, take pictures of the process

































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