AGNS and me

Dear Diary
I have a little story to tell you. In 1994 I sent some pictures to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia to see what they thought about my rugs. As a student at Dalhousie, studying political Science i used to go to the art gallery when it was on Coburg Road and look around. I never imagined at ]]><![CDATA[that time I would be an artist. I had no idea what I would be. I used to buy post cards and send them to people. I knew I liked art.

Once I started hooking rugs i began thinking about my trips to the gallery as a student. I was just curious what they would think of my rugs. I took some snapshots of the rug on my wall and mailed my little kodsk pictures off to them with a hand written letter. Those were the days.

About a month later, I got a call around four o'clock in the afternoon from Judy Deitz, the registrar at the Art Gallery. I can still remember the light that day znd the way it was laying on the room where my village rug hung. I loved the rug. It. Was my girst big piece and it had beautiful green jersey in it from a dress i had found at a second hand shop called pedvac in Port Elgin New Brunswick. It was something beautiful to me. I was about 28 at the time and i did not have much money to spend on beauty, but I had that rug.

Ms. Deitz said they had received my pictures and were interested in the Village rug. she said the aquisitions
Committee had expresed an interest in purchasing it. I said, "thank you but thst is my rug and i had planned to kerp it for myself." She said okay and after a little chatting we ended the conversation.

I was naive. When I got off the phone my husband said, "who was that?" I ssid, "it was the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.They wanted to buy my village rug but i told them it was mine."

He looked at me bewildered. He said, "Call them right back and tell them you changed your mind, and they can purchase it."
All of a sudden I realized what I had refused. It was a chance to have my work recognized by a prestigous gallery that I had sent my work too. I was just bewildered. The registrar readily accepted my apologies and gave me directions on how to put my work before the exhibitions committee. She was quite sweet and probably bewildered herself at my initial response.

When I think of it now I smile to myself. It was the moment when my career as an artist got off the ground. From there, I went on to have a solo exhibition at the AGNS.

Today I went to the AGNS and it was hung there. So I still own it in a way, and so do you.







5 thoughts on “AGNS and me

  1. I saw your rug in the gallery there when visiting this past summer from B.C. and was quite thrilled and grateful to have you as my teacher!


  2. What a lovely story. A charming rug depicting the simple life as only you can tell in your designs. We out here are so happy you followed your heart all those years ago..


  3. I admired this rug on my recent trip to N.S. ( What an outstanding folk art exhibit.) Seeing this piece right after viewing your current work gave me a different perspective on your creative journey. Artistic evolution really interests me and wow have you traveled a long way! The piece is a beaut, I can see why you’d want to hang on to it. Thank goodness your husband intervened, the Nova Scotia Art Gallery exhibit is richer for it!


  4. Wow, that is a really fine art rug! Wonderful tree and the whole design of it a true artist design. Just a beautiful piece!


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