Santa Claus came to town

Dear diary, for twenty years I have watched the Santa Claus Parade in front of Mansour’s Store. The same crowds gather in the same spots every year. There is hot chocolate, and a few sweets and we all wait expectantly for Sanra. Even now that the children are grown it never occurs to me not to go. It is a tradition.






3 thoughts on “Santa Claus came to town

  1. Great to see your Santa Claus parade again this year via your blog. Wonder if Santa had Long Johns on, or a pair of nifty shorts like those in the window?? I know someone in Ontario who is getting a pair bought in Amherst. LOL


  2. Cute pics of your Santa Claus parade, Deanne. Snazzy boxers , too ! Our Santa Claus Parade was here in St. John’s this past Sunday and a beautiful day it was ! Tomorrow we are to receive our first snow fall for the year …. much behind many parts of Canada and some States.
    Thanks for providing us all with your very interesting, informative and fun Blog.


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