Sunny winter afternoon

Dear Diary, yesterday felt like the first frosty winter day. I walked in the morning with a parka and hat and mits. I took my second curling lesson in the afternoon. Then I came home and heated fresh pressed cider with a cinnamon stick. Pretty much a perfect winter afternoon. I think I would love winter if it was not for snow covered roads. The longer the snow holds off the happier I am.

We decorated the studio windows for Christmas last week. I have to hook some tree ornaments and we will be all set. Today I hooked some letters so we could write some new words in the window… Comfort and joy… Maybe.



6 thoughts on “Sunny winter afternoon

  1. Great to hear!
    You’ve got all that great wool at your fingertips to make a great sweater!
    You would get a laugh out of my attire… thermal undershirt, sweater, light jacket and down vest. Even my pants are lined. And I wear mitts exept when I throw the rock. Even with all the heavy sweeping I still just warm up comfortably. Obviously I’m loving it too because I’m not a cold climate person (even though I’m Canadian) and I wouldn’t spend 2 hours on a cold rink just for the heck of it.
    The glass of red wine and roaring fireplace (there are 2 at our rink) after the game is rewarding too.
    “Good curling”


  2. For those who can not travel to Amherst… Would you post pictures of your stores Christmas preparations. Would love to see your tree decorated with your ornaments and your new words.


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