Dear Diary, I have been keeping myself really busy with happy little projects that kind of make my hear sing, and get me excited about small things.  Foolish little things really, but I enjoy them, and they have been filling up my calendar. Alot of it is social, getting together with friends, gathering for meetings,  enjoying simple things.

A few weeks ago when we were planning a staff dinner Brenda decided that she would like to host the dinner. That is the kind of place we work at here. Instead of everyone going out on, Brenda decided she would like to cook. So tonight most of us are going to her house for supper at five o’clock and we’ll spend the evening together, and eat good food.

So much of life is about  gathering, getting together with friends and just being with each other.  This weekend I’ll be busy with just that, seeing people, breaking bread, a little bit of learning, and just some fun. I will see people that I only get to see once a year. It has been a subject of many rugs over the years, and remains a favourite of mine. They show spirit. Lately I have not been hooking as many people rugs but as I contemplate creating a course about hooking people …don’t get excited, it won’t be right away, I think that it might be fun to start with the people again. To show them in groups, to show them alone, small and big portraits. I will have to reacquaint myself with these old cronies again. Sort of like getting together with old friends you have not seen for awhile.