hands in the wool

Dear Diary, I love seeing hands at work. When I take pictures around the studio it is often of hands in the wool. It is one of my favourite type of shots. I love the relationship between the wool and the hands. It is just so natural and so intimate.  Women who love wool, really love wool. They understand, and they feel that it is special.

Women who work with their hands making something beautiful know that what you put into the work matters so they want to choose the best of what there is out there to go into it. One of the reasons for this is because what they put into it is always in their hands. How it feels is such an important part of the process. Who would want to work with a yarn or cloth that feels as if it is tearing at your fingers. We want it to feel good, to feel soft, to slip through our fingers.

Years ago I started photographing hands because I had seen some beautiful photographs of hand. Mine however never showed what I wanted you to see. Some photographs of hands almost show the soul of the person who owns them. I love that kind of photograph. It happens when there is an artist behind the camera, who knows the light, understands the shadows, and can make the subject forget about themselves and the photographer both. For me photographing hands is just a click, and catching a moment. I hope that one of those clicks might sometime capture some one’s essence. For now though as I click, I’ll just be happy to catch a bit of pretty, and to show a bit of wool love.








2 thoughts on “hands in the wool

  1. At one of your workshops you had us take photos of our tablemate’s hands. Then we exchanged them. I loved the photo that resulted and have it displayed in “my room.” At first I thought, “Oh my, now my ‘grandma hands’are highlighted for the world to see.” But I got over it–because I’m grateful for all my hands can do and have done—my hands are beautiful like the “smile wrinkles” are beautiful on the faces of many of my senior friends.


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