wool and winter

Dear Diary, When I look at those woolen pendleton shirts in my studio I am reminded that winter is coming. I got my skates sharpened. I can’t skate, but I am thinking about it. Tonight there is an open house at the curling club. I am thinking about that too. I have gone back to yoga, just once a week, but still I am there. My walking is good and steady. I rarely miss a day.

I have started volunteering at the local radio station, a community run radio station, and together with a friend we have proposed a few ideas that we hope to carry out.

I have a skein of red wool all balled to make a scarf. I am knee deep in my rug hooking. I am almost ready.

So my preparation for winter has begin.

It is not just about getting out the winter clothes. When you live in the north, you have to get ready emotionally. You have to get ready physically too.

Our wood is piled high. The chimney has been swept. My turtlenecks are folded in my drawer. The mittens are in a basket by the door. My winter tires are on the car.

It is a time for wool. I love that about the winter. It makes you feel like you can never have too much wool.

Remember the free hook in  on Saturday, November 24, we still have room,email  info@hookingrugs.com to register.







4 thoughts on “wool and winter

  1. Love all the colours as usual.
    I started curling 3 years ago. It is a great opportunity to get out and socialize, learn something new and be active all at the same time. A couple of bruised ego opportunities along the way — falling while throwing a rock in one’s mid-40s is a bit of a funny spectacle! But I have even seen the very experienced take a spill — so I don’t feel so bad now. Have fun! “Good curling!”


  2. Hi Deanne,
    Paula here from Getting Wild With Wool group.
    I started reading your blog a few weeks ago when I was checking out your site. I’ve got to admit , you really write like I feel in many of your blogs. for instance … your wood is piled high …. so is ours. Your chimney has been swept ….. our woodstove is cleaned out regularly, your turtlenecks are folded and ready …. my sweaters are also pulled out and ready to go for walks along the waterfront, Mittens and caps are all ready to go . Only thing is that we do not have our snow tires on yet. They are actually thinking about banning studded tires in St. John’s and we’re not sure where that leaves us. Oh well , we’ll deal with whatever decision they make. Oh yes, I’ve pulled to the top of my stash these beautiful rich colours as I try to figure out which design will be the first to go on my new Cheticamp frame! Anyway …. I just wanted you to know that I really enjoy your blog as well as your guest bloggers. And I , too , look forward to all the nice cozy things that Winter brings with it.
    See you at Getting Wild With Style


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