Dear Diary,

I could never say I have a favourite colour but my goodness I do love red. So many shades, so many ideas to explore with it.  I could choose any colour for a large abstract , but I think the favourite one I have ever done is “Intensity” which is a study in red. Since doing it I have considered other colours and working on a similar theme but I have not actually done it in a big way. I imagine this idea in green, blue, yellow, coral, but have never put the hookn to it to seee it happen in six feet by four feet.

I like red because it is a deep shade, it gives the impression of layers of meaning, regardless of whether there is or not.

I like red because it brightens me up a little.

I like red just because it is red.

I like red , especially today because it is not orange and black.

I like red just because…..







7 thoughts on “red

  1. My love affair with colours evolves. In the 70’s I couldn’t get enough purple. It dominated my colours. Brown drifted in briefly as did green and Orange. In the mid 70’s Red roared in with purple. Red has dominated and along has come black (not a colour they say but to me it is). I love all of the colours. Red, purple and black dominate at the present.


  2. Oi. Tell me next time you are in the area. I’ll give you specific instructions. Right down 131 from the light at Montpelier (Knox Mansion). 12 miles. Corner of Ridge Rd. and 131, 1/4 mile after the “Welcome to Martinsville; come again” sign. Do come back and try to find us.


  3. Red is best was one of our favourite children’s books when my kids were young (I think I liked it more than them). When I wear red I feel just a little more lively, vivacious. In your red rug Deanne there seems to be a depth and intensity that would be difficult to match in another colour. Maybe for your Wild with Style I should explore red!


  4. Deanne,
    Your comment “I like red because…” reminds of a children’s book I used to read to my kids — “Red is Best” by Kathy Stinson.

    “Sure, the brown mittens are warmer, but the red mitts make better snowballs. And the red boots aren’t just for rain; they take bigger steps in any weather. And, yes! a green cup does make a difference … juice tastes better in the red cup. No doubt about it, red is best.”
    “I like red because red is best!”


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